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June Wayne photo June Wayne founded the Tamarind Lithography Workshop in 1960. It became one of the most important focal points for a revival of printmaking in the United States. Wayne directed Tamarind for 10 years. In 1970, Tamarind moved to the University of New Mexico where it continues to publish new editions. In her own work, Wayne has always pushed the limits, constantly creating new techniques and forms. In her extraordinary 70 years as an artist, she has worked in print, painting, tapestry, and film. She was spurred on particularly by the feminist movement, which she anticipated to an extraordinary degree, and which validated her own career path. Her art was often stimulated by discoveries in modern science as well as by dramatic natural phenomena such as Tsunami waves. Her intellectual excitement has driven Wayne to remain one of the most innovative artists of the day. In addition to her career as an artist and the major impact she has had on the world of the print, Wayne has also been a nationally respected spokesperson for artists' rights and freedom of speech. In 2002, Wayne gave a collection of prints that spanned her career, as well as a collection of prints by other artists to the Brodsky Center.

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